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Credit Card Processing

credit card machineVisit Elite Merchant Services to start accepting credit cards and getting more customers.

Wholesale ATM Machines

How many times have your customers turned away without completing a transaction because they ran out of cash? If you don’t want your sales to diminish due to your customers not having any cash, then consider getting an ATM machine for your store! An ATM machine will offer your customers an added level of convenience, security and accessibility.

You must be wondering “Why should I purchase an ATM machine?” The answer is simpler than you might think; ATMs will help you increase your sales. They allow customers to access their cash readily, and when customers have cash in hand they will shop more! In addition, ATM machines provide an improved level of security. With these machines there is less risk of robbery and employee theft. They also save your time as well as the customers’ time, and they increase your profits. You will get supplemental income from the additional sales, more than enough to cover the set-up charge for the ATM machine. Overall an ATM Machine gives your store an improved image and increases your store’s overall value.

If you are concerned about the affordability of getting an ATM Machine, you don’t have to worry. They are much more affordable than you might think. The total price of the machine will depend on the different options that you want to have installed. Our sales staff will help you assess your needs and provide you with an ATM machine that will suit your needs. Our customer service staff is trained to not just to sell ATM machines but to help you with all aspects of your ATM business needs.

You can choose from the various types of machines that ATMWholesaler.com has available. Cashless ATM machines are those which never need to be filled, and they are safe from late night burglaries. The stand-alone ATM machines can be used anywhere in the world. They make it easy for customers to check their accounts, check balances or transfer money. No surcharge is needed for the cardholders to check their balance in the ATM machines. The only fee that the cardholder pays is the supplemental fee that the owner sets. The ATM Machines come pre-installed with programs that will allow the cardholder’s bank to know where the transaction is taking place. However, the machine will only authorize the card if there are enough funds in the cardholder’s accounts.

The success of your wholesale ATM Machine will largely depend on it's location. You need to find the right location before installing your machine. Convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores and shopping malls are some of the best locations for an ATM Machine. Any place where there is a need for cash sales and there is sufficient foot traffic would be an excellent choice.

In today’s fast paced world, consumers and professionals are often too busy to withdraw cash from their bank. This means they will feel more comfortable using ATM Machines to effectively manage their time. ATM Machines are hassle free, are easily available, and most importatnly - They are affordable!

To find out more about the ATM Machines that ATMWholesaler.com offers, call us as soon as possible and start enjoying the added profits that ATM Machines bring to your business. Order your wholesale atm machine today. We can deliver your atm machine usually within 5 business days. Call 734-775-7400 Now for immediate delivery.

We Guarantee the Lowest ATM Prices in the Industry!

ATMWholesaler.com doesn't just sell ATMs; we are a one stop shop for all of your ATM Machine needs! ATM Paper, ATM Parts, ATM Supplies and ATM Processing are just a few ways that we can help you and your business succeed. We commonly place ATM Machines in convenient stores, gas stations, restaurants, truck stops, hotels, liquor/beer stores, office buildings and any other location where customers need direct access to their money. ATMWholesaler.com also offers Wireless ATM Units, credit card processing, credit card terminals, and we will even fill your ATM Machine for you!

When it comes to doing business with our clients, we aim to surpass all expectations, which is why we service all 50 states. ATMWholesaler.com offers a one year warranty for free parts, labor, and supplies to all our clients and we provide prompt payments to all our customers, as well as on screen and receipt advertisement. ATMWholesaler.com also offers a lifetime warranty at a very affordable price. We provide professional onsite installation and training to all our clients and we offer a guaranteed ATM buyback program. Give us a call today to see why our customers say we provide the absolute best customer service out there!


You can now lease an ATM Machine for as low as $89 a month!

Call for more details! 877-770-3322

ATM Locations

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ATM Wholesaler machines can be founded in the biggest most populous cities, as well as quaint small-town America. See if your city is on our list and if not, be the first of all your business colleagues.

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Important Information

ATM Facts

    ATM Benefits

    • The average ATM customer will spend a substantial portion of site-accessed money with your business.
    • ATM machines bring customers to your business so that they may access the ATM.
    • ATMs provide ultimate convenience to your customers.
    • Having an ATM machine saves your business from having to take checks.
    • Eliminate credit card charge backs.
    • Save your business the percentage you would normally pay the bank on credit card transactions; ATMs generate income with every transaction.
    • ATMs attract more customers, increase sales, and reduce bad check losses to zero.

Each ATM Includes

 Each ATM Machine you buy or lease includes:

  • Free 24 Hour ATM Support
  • Free ATM Sign & Promo Package
  • Real-Time Online Transaction Statistics
  • Parts & Labor Warranty Included (Also ask about our lifetime warranty program)
  • Join Over 5000 Happy ATM Merchants

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Frequently Asked Questions
Need Credit Card Processing or a Credit Card Terminal?
ATM Sales Buyer's Guide

Do You Know What This Is???

emv chip

The EMV terminals have already been in place throughout the world and will become the standard in the United States in October of 2015.

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Need Help Deciding?

Buy or Lease an ATM Machine At Wholesale Pricing

Step 1 - How much cash do you need to keep in your ATM machine?

Step 2 - Click here to view our ATM Machine buyers guide.

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What to Expect Next:

Once your info is received and reviewed, you will be contacted by one of our ATM services specialists. In the meantime, please take a moment to review our ATM processing agreement. This is the form you fill out to set up your new ATM to actually process debit transactions. View our processing agreement, HERE.

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