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How an ATM Can Make Your Business Money

ATMWholesaler.com is an industry leading professional group specializing in ATM sales and processing services. Our job is to provide you with the best quality ATM machines and services available at the lowest possible rates. We also want to educate business owners about the lucrative possibilities of owning an ATM machine. For example, having an ATM machine in your business will; * Lend prestige to your establishment * Allow customers quick and easy access to money * Increase cash sales * Provide supplemental income through surcharge fees Customers appreciate the convenience of an ATM machine; you will see an increase in ATM driven cash sales. Customers also trust ATM machines, and an establishment with the luxury of an ATM will seem more trustworthy and reputable. You will also make money from the ATM fee, or surcharge. This is the fee that the customer pays each time he or she withdraws money from the ATM. With our stress free processing services, the surcharge fee will be withdrawn from the customer’s account and direct deposited into yours, generally within 24 hours.

Increase Your Sales with An ATM

If you have an ATM in your establishment, your customers will have easy access to money, which will increase your cash sales. This will save you money and time by decreasing the costs and headaches of credit card processing. A customer with cash in hand is more likely to complete a transaction, and can also be more likely to spend more money. Having an ATM will increase sales and decrease headaches. It’s a no brainer for most business owners.

Make Additional Money with Surcharge Fees

The real money making potential with ATM machines is the surcharge fee. Every time a customer withdraws money, he or she will pay a surcharge fee, which you, as the ATM owner, will determine and pre-set. This fee goes entirely to you, and will quickly become a source of much appreciated additional income.

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At ATMWholesaler.com, our entire team is standing by to help you and your business start making money with a new ATM machine today. Our knowledgeable ATM experts will help you choose the right ATM for your business, and help you set up your processing services right away. In most cases, we can have a fully functional ATM machine delivered and installed within one week. Call today to speak to one of our ATM sales experts at 734-775-7400.

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