Helping America’s Top Gaming Platform Do the Impossible

Few websites are as innovative, as robust, and as popular as ROBLOX. With over 80 million total engagement hours each month, they are the #1 website for kids in the United States. But their digital brand and website weren’t doing their platform justice.

We helped them take their brand and website to the next level.


A Website and Brand that Pushes the Boundaries of Possibility

Through UX, design, writing, video and web development we have helped ROBLOX discover a voice, look and experience that, like ROBLOX, are unparalleled in the category. Gamers, game creators, and ROBLOX employees have been equally impressed and inspired.


Design of a New Landscape

Senior leadership, partners, clients & the community were impressed with the new design.


Building a New Vision

Piehead helped to tell a new story that sets the environment for limitless possibilites.