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Helping a Heritage Brand Speak Digital and Go National

For 95 years, Community Coffee has been a beloved coffee brand in Louisiana and much of the South. But with growing local competition and a lack of recognition beyond their surrounding states, they struggled to connect with consumers online and nationwide. They needed our help to reclaim their title as Best Coffee Company in America.


Born in 1919. Thriving in 2015.

Today, Community Coffee is the first family of American coffee:
Since last year, revenue is up by almost 10%
Mobile revenue increased by 42%
Mobile traffic to the website increased by 213%
Organic SEO ranking has drastically improved


Stirring Up Great Emotions

Research revealed two crucial insights: One, people don’t like switching coffee brands. Two, if people do switch coffee brands, it’s because they have a compelling emotional reason to do so. We recognized that the emotion we needed was already there, and had been for four generations. Community Coffee is owned and operated by the fourth generation of the same family that founded it almost a century ago. Today, it’s guided by the same values, beliefs and commitment to quality that shaped it in 1919. It’s a great American success story. Consumers love great American success stories.


A Family Coffee Story

We told their story across a fully integrated, fully-mobile campaign. It was told online and offline, between different devices, and across every medium available. It was a seamless story that reached all of their audiences where and when they wanted to be reached, ensuring that people remembered Community Coffee's powerful heritage, commitment to quality, strong values, and dedication to family and community.


An Integrated Coffee Experience

The new website became a true home for the Community Coffee brand. For the first time ever, their site was mobile-friendly and fully responsive. While telling a compelling and memorable story, it offered consumers a robust e-commerce platform. It also also provided Community Coffee with an online vehicle for analyzing their consumers’ behavior, and measuring their interest in different messaging. Their new website was integrated with a powerful webisode series, incentive-based engagement platforms, social media campaigns, and highly effective search and email campaigns.

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