Confusion on the Field

For over 45 years, Cybex International has been a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment. With an unparalleled foundation in exercise science, they can honestly claim to build the most effective exercise equipment in the world. Unfortunately, when they came to us in 2013, their message was lost amidst the “bells and whistles” claims of the competition. We needed to bring the conversation back to what mattered most to their customers — real results and exceptionally effective exercise equipment.


Taking the Lead

Since the launch of our partnership, the Cybex brand has grown tremendously. Our integrated campaigns have spanned a vast array of media to deliver Cybex's most productive trade shows ever, aggressive improvement on critical KPI’s, and most importantly, position them for victory in the years to come.


Powerful Experiences

We brought the Cybex story to life through videos, microsites, websites, email campaigns, landing pages, direct and print campaigns, banners, brochures, sell sheets, sales presentations, press releases, and interactive tools. Complete integration. We launched three new products, were shortly contracted as their new agency of record, and were tasked with a complete rebranding of the company.


Changing the Conversation

Recognizing a rift between what exercise consumers cared about, and what the competition was telling them, we plotted a new course for Cybex – one that led back to their roots. Since 1970, Cybex has been dedicated to building exercise equipment that delivers real results, safely. Fueled by a one-of-a–kind research institute, they are simply the best partners to help people reach their exercise goals. We knew we had a story that would resonate, but before we could tell it, we had to win the crowd’s attention.


Passion. Science. Tradition

We launched the revitalized Cybex story around the two biggest trade shows in the industry. Through an integrated campaign that reached people before the shows, during the shows, and after the shows, we got the attention we were looking for. From there, we revealed the Cybex story – a story about a company driven by a passion for perfection, and a passion for helping people pursue their own perfection. 

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